Payroll Services

 Business owners wear many hats during the day. Handling their payroll is not only time consuming but staying current with all the new payroll tax laws can be an overwhelming task.  Additionally, as a business owner, you may be tired of the nonproductive job of data entry, remembering tax deadlines, and preparing for and completing yearly worker’s compensation audits. Your time is valuable and should be directed to more productive tasks that will grow your business. Cuchiaro & Associates are experts in payroll preparation and compliance and are available to help you with all your payroll requirements.

At Cuchiaro & Associates, we know the importance of providing reliable support, staying current with government compliance, and the need to provide easy to use payroll tools. We will save you both time and money with your payroll processing. Utilizing technology, we provide direct deposit services, online access to important payroll documents, government compliance, and quick and easy access to relevant financial reports at a very affordable cost.


We meet all the payroll needs of employers by offering:

·        Direct deposit for all your employees, as well as online access to their pay stubs.

·        Timely payment of all payroll taxes via electronic deposit.

·        We file all your quarterly and annual tax statements electronically while providing you copies of all employees and contractors W-2s and 1099s.

·        The number of workers you employ will determine our fees.