D to the Power of 4 - Four Steps to Better Time Management

Time management skills are increasingly important in a world where people seem to rush headlong from one crisis to another. Add in the effect of social media and addictive computer games that can be accessed from anywhere at any time and it is no wonder that some people struggle to fit everything into their days.

So what can be done about it?

How about invoking D to the Power of Four? This is a quick and straightforward way to make sure you use your time more efficiently by sorting your tasks into four categories, delete, delegate, defer and do.


If you receive an email, you do not need, delete it immediately. If it is junk mail, file it straight in the recycling bin. If it is a task you've always done, check to see if you still need to do it. If you do not, take it off your to do list.


If it is something that would be better done by someone else, then delegate it. Make sure whoever you delegate it to has the skills, capacity and ability to get it done by the deadline. Don't turn something you delegate into a boomerang that's going to come back to you at the time when you least need it.

Defer it

Sometimes there are tasks would be better deferred to another time. You might have the luxury of a longer deadline or need to devote a bigger chunk of time to the job than you have immediately available. Plan the most effective time to return to it but make sure you do not defer it until it becomes a real problem.

Do It

If the job is urgent, it is quicker to do it immediately or will help you kick-start your way to a more productive day, then do it. Then, when it is done, move on.

So there you have it, the four Ds that will give you more power over your time.


Patricia Cuchiaro